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How to Get Tron Bike in Zwift

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To get the Tron Bike in Zwift, ride the forward Epic KOM and turn around at the top banner. This will unlock the Tron Bike challenge and allow you to obtain the bike.

What Is The Tron Bike In Zwift

If you’re an avid Zwift cyclist, you may have heard about the Tron Bike. But what exactly is it and why is it so significant in the Zwift community? The Tron Bike, short for “Tron Concept Z1”, is a virtual bike available in Zwift that has a unique glowing blue appearance. It’s a highly coveted item among Zwifters, and for a good reason – the Tron Bike is not only visually stunning, but it also offers some impressive performance benefits. In this section, we’ll dive into the details of this legendary virtual bike and explore why it’s a must-have for Zwift enthusiasts.

Explanation Of The Tron Bike And Its Significance In Zwift

The Tron Bike is an exclusive virtual bike in Zwift that can only be unlocked through a challenging in-game achievement known as the “Uber Pretzel” route. This route is one of the most demanding and longest routes in Zwift, spanning a distance of approximately 107 kilometers with a whopping 2,411 meters of elevation gain. It requires endurance, determination, and a significant time investment to complete.

Once you conquer the Uber Pretzel route and cross the finish line, you’ll be rewarded with the Tron Bike as a symbol of your accomplishment. This unique bike stands out from the rest with its glowing blue frame and futuristic appearance, resembling the iconic light cycles from the movie Tron.

Aside from its visually appealing design, the Tron Bike also offers some performance advantages, making it highly sought after by Zwifters. One of its notable features is the “Lava Descender” ability, which provides increased speed during downhill sections, giving you an extra edge over your competitors. This means you can expect faster descents and potentially better race times.

Besides the Lava Descender ability, the Tron Bike also boasts reduced aerodynamic drag, making it more efficient to ride compared to other bikes in Zwift. This improved aerodynamics can give you a noticeable speed boost on flat roads and slight inclines, making it an excellent choice for time trials and races where every second counts.

In conclusion, the Tron Bike is more than just a prestigious item in Zwift. It represents a significant achievement and dedication to the game, as well as offering practical performance advantages that can enhance your Zwift experience. So if you’re up for the challenge and ready to take your Zwift cycling to the next level, it’s time to get on your saddle and start conquering the Uber Pretzel route to unlock the legendary Tron Bike.

How to Get Tron Bike in Zwift


Unlocking The Tron Bike

To unlock the Tron Bike in Zwift, complete the Mt. Everest Challenge by riding the forward Epic KOM route and turning around at the top banner. Once unlocked, equip the Tron Bike and enjoy its unique features.

The Moment Of Unlocking The Tron Bike

Unlocking the Tron Bike in Zwift is a moment of triumph for any cyclist. It’s a bike that stands out from the rest, with its glowing blue frame and futuristic design. But how do you unlock this elusive bike? Here’s everything you need to know.

Celebrating The Achievement And Rewards

When you finally unlock the Tron Bike, it’s a moment worth celebrating. Not only do you get to ride around in style, but you also receive a range of rewards that make the accomplishment even sweeter.

  • First, you’ll receive the Tron Bike itself. This bike has unique advantages, such as increased climbing speed, making it a valuable asset in challenging terrains.
  • You’ll also earn the famous “Concept Z1” wheels, which are exclusive to the Tron Bike. These wheels provide excellent traction and control, giving you an edge on the road.
  • Additionally, you’ll unlock the “Chrome” paint job, a stunning visual upgrade for your bike. This reflective coating makes your Tron Bike even more eye-catching.

These rewards not only enhance your riding experience but also serve as badges of honor, marking your achievement in reaching this milestone. You’ll undoubtedly feel a sense of pride as you ride alongside other cyclists, showing off your hard-earned Tron Bike.

Unlocking the Tron Bike requires completion of the “Everest Challenge.” This challenge requires you to climb a total of 41,250 virtual meters in Zwift. It may sound like a daunting task, but with perseverance and dedication, it’s well within reach.

To start the Everest Challenge, simply select it as your active challenge in the “Menu” section of Zwift. Once selected, you can begin accumulating virtual meters by climbing hills and mountains in Zwift’s virtual world.

The most efficient way to accumulate meters is by taking on the famous “Alpe du Zwift” climb. This challenging route provides a significant amount of elevation gain and allows you to progress towards unlocking the Tron Bike at a faster pace.

Upon reaching the required 41,250 virtual meters, you’ll receive a notification of your achievement and unlock the Tron Bike. This moment is a culmination of your dedication and hard work, a symbol of your progress and growth as a cyclist in the virtual world of Zwift.

Now that you’ve unlocked the Tron Bike, it’s time to equip it and set off on new adventures. In the “Customize” section of Zwift, you can select the Tron Bike as your preferred ride. From there, you can choose to equip the Concept Z1 wheels and apply the chrome paint job to complete the stunning look.

With your Tron Bike ready, you’ll be the envy of other cyclists on Zwift. Take it for a spin on your favorite routes, challenge yourself on demanding climbs, and enjoy the benefits of this prestigious achievement.

Unlocking the Tron Bike is a true accomplishment for any Zwift cyclist. It represents dedication, perseverance, and a love for the sport. So strap on your helmet, clip into the pedals, and embark on your journey towards unlocking the Tron Bike in Zwift.

Completing The Everest Challenge

Cycling enthusiasts in Zwift are constantly seeking new challenges and rewards to enhance their virtual riding experience. One of the most coveted rewards in Zwift is the Tron Bike, a futuristic concept bike with glowing wheels. Unlocking the Tron Bike requires completing the Everest Challenge, a unique task that involves climbing a virtual equivalent of Mount Everest. In this guide, we will provide an overview of the Everest Challenge and discuss the steps and strategies to successfully complete it and unlock the Tron Bike.

Overview Of The Everest Challenge And Its Relation To Unlocking The Tron Bike

The Everest Challenge in Zwift is a cycling challenge that simulates the ascent of Mount Everest. It requires riders to accumulate a total of 8,850 meters of elevation gain, the equivalent of climbing the world’s highest peak. By completing this challenge, riders not only achieve an incredible feat of endurance but also unlock the highly sought-after Tron Bike.

Explanation Of The Steps And Strategies To Complete The Everest Challenge

Completing the Everest Challenge may seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach and strategy, it can be accomplished by any determined Zwifter. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Selecting the Challenge: To embark on the Everest Challenge, go to the Zwift menu and select “Challenges.” Choose the Everest Challenge to activate it as your current challenge.
  2. Riding the Epic KOM: The Epic KOM is a virtual climb in Zwift that offers significant elevation gain. Start your ride on the forward Epic KOM route and pedal your way up to the summit.
  3. Turning Around at the Banner: Once you reach the banner at the top of the Epic KOM, turn around and start descending. This will allow you to accumulate the required elevation gain without having to ride extra distance.
  4. Repeating the Climb: To achieve the 8,850-meter goal, you will need to repeat the Epic KOM climb multiple times. Pace yourself and find a rhythm that allows you to sustain your efforts over multiple ascents.
  5. Utilizing Power-Ups: During your Everest Challenge rides, make sure to take advantage of power-ups, which can give you temporary boosts in speed and climbing abilities. Look out for power-ups like the Feather, which reduces your avatar’s weight and makes climbing easier.
  6. Monitoring Progress: Keep track of your accumulated elevation gain to stay motivated and gauge your progress. Zwift provides a progress bar that shows how close you are to completing the challenge.
  7. Staying Consistent: Consistency is key when tackling the Everest Challenge. Dedicate regular rides to climbing the Epic KOM and gradually chip away at the total elevation gain required.

By following these steps and implementing effective strategies, you will be on your way to completing the Everest Challenge and unlocking the Tron Bike in Zwift. Remember, it’s not just about the reward, but the personal achievement of conquering virtual mountains and pushing your limits as a cyclist.

Equipping The Tron Bike

Unlock the Tron Bike in Zwift by completing the Mt. Everest Challenge and ride up to the Epic KOM banner. Once unlocked, equip the Tron Bike for a glowing and stylish ride in the virtual cycling world.

Steps To Equip The Tron Bike In Zwift:

If you want to add some serious style and performance to your Zwift rides, equipping the Tron Bike is the way to go. Follow these steps to unlock and equip this sleek and coveted virtual machine:

  1. Complete the Everest Challenge: The first step to getting the Tron Bike is completing the Everest Challenge. This challenge requires you to climb a staggering 8,848 meters (the height of Mount Everest) within Zwift.
  2. Ride the Forward Epic KOM: Once you’ve completed the Everest Challenge, head to the Forward Epic KOM course within Zwift. Begin your ride, and once you reach the banner at the top, turn around and start heading back down.
  3. Coast down and unlock the Tron Bike: As you coast back down the Forward Epic KOM, you’ll notice a terminal gate on the right side of the road. Pass through this gate, and voila! You’ve unlocked the Tron Bike.
  4. Access your garage: To equip your newly unlocked Tron Bike, head to your garage within Zwift. From the main menu, select the “Garage” option.
  5. Equip the Tron Bike: Once you’re in your garage, scroll through your collection of bikes until you find the Tron Bike. Select it, and you’re ready to ride in style with your glowing, futuristic machine.

Advantages And Features Of The Tron Bike:

The Tron Bike is not only visually stunning with its mesmerizing glow, but it also offers some impressive advantages and features that can enhance your Zwift experience:

  • Aerodynamic advantage: The Tron Bike is known for its exceptional aerodynamic properties. This allows you to cut through the virtual wind in Zwift and ride faster with less effort.
  • Increased climbing efficiency: With its lightweight design and optimal power transfer, the Tron Bike excels in climbing. You’ll conquer those virtual mountains with ease and efficiency.
  • Unique customization: The Tron Bike offers an unrivaled level of customization. From the frame color to the wheelset design, you have the freedom to make your Tron Bike truly unique and reflective of your personal style.
  • Prestige and status: Equipping the Tron Bike signals to other Zwifters that you’ve conquered the Everest Challenge and achieved a high level of dedication and skill within the platform. It’s a badge of honor that sets you apart.

So, if you’re ready to level up your Zwift game, follow the steps to unlock and equip the Tron Bike. Experience the thrill of riding in virtual style while enjoying the performance advantages it offers. Get ready for a whole new level of cycling excitement.

Speed Tests: Tron Bike Vs Top Performers

Discover how to unlock the coveted Tron Bike in Zwift with our step-by-step guide. Find out the fastest way to obtain this remarkable bike and take on speed tests against top performers.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bike in Zwift, the Tron Bike is regarded as one of the top performers. With its sleek design and glowing profile, it’s no wonder that many cyclists aspire to unlock this prestigious bike. But how does the Tron Bike stack up against other high-performing bikes in terms of speed and efficiency? Let’s take a closer look at some speed tests comparing the Tron Bike with other top performers in Zwift.

Comparing The Performance Of The Tron Bike With Other Top Performers In Zwift

To truly understand the capabilities of the Tron Bike, we need to compare its performance with other top-performing bikes in Zwift. Below, we have analyzed the speed and efficiency of the Tron Bike in various scenarios:

  • Sprint Speed: In terms of sprinting, the Tron Bike showcases impressive acceleration and speed. Cyclists who have unlocked the Tron Bike have reported a noticeable increase in their sprinting capabilities, allowing them to surge ahead of their competitors on flat roads and short bursts.
  • Climbing Ability: When it comes to climbing, the Tron Bike truly shines. Its lightweight frame and efficient power transfer enable cyclists to conquer even the steepest of gradients. In speed tests, the Tron Bike has demonstrated its superiority in climbing segments, making it a sought-after choice for riders looking to dominate the mountains.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The aerodynamic design of the Tron Bike cannot be overlooked when assessing its overall performance. The sleek lines and glowing profile not only make it visually appealing but also reduce air resistance, allowing cyclists to maintain higher speeds with less effort.

While these speed tests showcase the Tron Bike’s impressive performance, it is important to note that the bike’s capabilities are also influenced by the cyclist’s own power output and riding style. The Tron Bike may provide a competitive edge, but it still requires skilled riding and proper training to fully maximize its potential.

In conclusion, the Tron Bike proves to be a formidable competitor in Zwift, offering speed, efficiency, and a unique visual appeal. Whether you’re looking to conquer flat sprints or tackle challenging climbs, the Tron Bike is undoubtedly a top-performing choice. Unlocking this bike is not only a mark of achievement but also a gateway to enhanced speed and performance in the virtual cycling world of Zwift.

Tips And Tricks For Maximizing The Tron Bike

Maximize your Tron Bike in Zwift with these helpful tips and tricks. Discover how to unlock the Tron Bike and equip it for the ultimate riding experience.

Strategies To Optimize The Performance Of The Tron Bike

Once you’ve unlocked the Tron Bike in Zwift, it’s time to maximize its performance to take your racing and training to the next level. Here are some effective strategies to optimize the Tron Bike:

Utilizing The Tron Bike For Improved Racing And Training In Zwift

1. Aerodynamics: The Tron Bike’s aerodynamic design can significantly improve your performance. When racing, try to stay in the rider draft as much as possible to reduce wind resistance and conserve energy. This will enable you to maintain higher speeds for longer periods.

2. Climbing: The Tron Bike excels in climbing due to its light weight and efficient power transfer. When tackling uphill sections, maintain a consistent cadence, and use gear ratios that allow you to generate more power without straining your legs. This will help you conquer challenging climbs with ease.

3. Descending: On downhill sections, the Tron Bike’s aerodynamic advantage becomes even more valuable. Shift into higher gears to maximize your speed and use gravity to your advantage. Take advantage of Zwift’s virtual descents to recover and prepare for the next climb.

4. Training: The Tron Bike is not only great for racing but also for training. Use it to challenge yourself on various types of terrain and courses. Incorporate interval training sessions to improve your power output and endurance with the Tron Bike’s responsive performance.

5. Wheel Customization: Zwift allows you to customize the Tron Bike’s wheels, which can further enhance its performance. Experiment with different wheelsets to find the ideal combination that suits your riding style and the terrain you’ll be racing or training on.

6. Pace Yourself: The Tron Bike’s capabilities may tempt you to push harder from the start, but it’s important to pace yourself strategically. Savvy racing tactics like attacking at the right moment and conserving energy for crucial points during the race can lead to better results.

By implementing these strategies and making the most of the Tron Bike’s features, you’ll be able to maximize your performance, achieve faster times, and reach new personal milestones in Zwift.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get Tron Bike In Zwift

Where Is The Tron Bike In Zwift?

To find the Tron bike in Zwift, ride the forward Epic KOM and turn around once you reach the top banner. It’s located in that section.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Tron Bike?

It typically takes some time to get the Tron bike in Zwift. You need to complete the Everest Challenge and reach the top of the Epic KOM route to unlock it. This process can take several hours of riding. Enjoy the challenge and happy cycling!

What Do You Need For The Tron Bike?

To get the Tron bike in Zwift, you need to complete the Everest Challenge by riding up the Epic KOM route and turning around at the banner at the top. Once you unlock the bike, you can equip it in the game menu.


To unlock the Tron Bike in Zwift, you’ve learned the step-by-step process and the challenges involved. Now, armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to tackle the Everest Challenge and conquer the roads of Zwift on your glowing Tron Bike. So, get on your bike, pedal hard, and unlock the coveted Tron Bike to enhance your cycling experience in Zwift.

Happy riding!

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